Caleo Primitivo Salento 2015

A first; my first Primitivo. And what a great experience. She’s from Puglia, an immigrant, completely legal and with much to recommend her.

First, a nose of baked dark fruits, new shoe leather, some clove, even a little vanilla, some nice cedar, too. Not exactly distinct, but different enough to know she’s her own person. Liquid, I mean. Somewhere between a New World merlot and syrah.

Lovely dark cherry colour; full bodied. Hey, this is adding up to something.

On the palate, very nice but not overwhelming fruits. Dry. Cherry. Sweet, ripe plum. Seamless transition from fruit to (controlled) acids and mild, mild tannins.

So, so fruitful to drink. And all for…

$9.29 Ridiculously cheap.