Excelsior Chardonnay 2016

Since 1859, or so says the equine heraldry on the label, and I believe it. Learning your vines, your land and your markets takes a long time, and whomever keeps the knowledge of these elements at Excelsior clearly knows their stuff.

This is from their own tasting notes for the prior vintage:

This crisp, mouthwatering bottling is a blend of Excelsior’s three best Chardonnay blocks. It displays lively flavors of green apple, citrus, and pineapple on a full, creamy palate. Traces of peach, orange blossom and delicate toasty notes combine with a mineral edge to round out this…(wine)

Ahhhh, yup. Key words here are lively (which we might upgrade to zingy) and delicate toasty oak which I’d amp down to nuanced toasty oak. Refreshing is an overworked word in wine, but in this case it’s accurate.

There’s some whisper that something like 3%^ of this bottle contains viognier, which has done it no harm. (Sarcasm. I like the idea.)

A first class glass, super value for the money. Nothing more need be said.

$9.99. Incredible.