La Vuelta Unoaked Chardonnay 2015

There are no free lunches, Hortense, as much as we’re promised them. Nope. But there are unicorns, for sure; of that I am certain.

I think I might be drinking a glass of such a thing right now. It’s a straightforward glass of Argentinian chardonnay, unoaked. Ripe apples, apple juice, vanilla, tangerine fill out the aromas. On the palate a ripe fruit almost umami-like quality of mouthfeel and richness close the circle.

Let’s call it a natural creaminess, and not take it too far.

No, there’s not a lot of nuance or layering here. Close your eyes, and you can see mountains, gauchos and beautiful grape vines stretching across the pampas. Plump, ripe chardonnay grapes just itching to be crushed an fermented.

As the glass warmed, a desirable note of honey emerged, too. Mmmmm. With that warmth came the earthiness I expected from wines of Mendoza. It’s as if the earth hitches a ride with the wine, to remind us of its provenance: I am proudly Argentinian, and we want you to taste it.