Reserve des Vignerons Saumur Champigny 2014

This Loire Valley cabernet franc poured darkly from the bottle, but any implied malevolence failed to arrived.

What did arrive was a quite wonderful wine combining fruity and savory elements. The guide-books were right; decanting is a definite plus, and I imagine more so with a young example such as this.

I noted a panoply of aromas from my glass including some dried strawberry, other, brighter red fruits and earthy dry forestness. Think of it as an earth and its bounty combined, like pulling vegetables straight from the ground.

Delicious juicy acids create a breezy, leafy feel, and while others criticize this wine for being lightweight, I rather like it. Complexity and satisfaction do not demand density nor viscosity.

I’m falling in love with this thing simply because there’s a meal in every glass. Olive tapenade made an appearance, with the accompanying oily/salty satisfaction. Notably, the minerality seemed overshadowed by the sheer bounty of vegetative rather than rocky flavors, no doubt helped by those supple acids.

Tannins? Not so much. They exist and are distinct; they simply fit in without fanfare. But with a smorgasbord like this, I don’t know who’d quibble. There’s a really nice chalky note in the finish too.

I keep going back to find new things from the glass. Is that oregano? Oh, for sure. More oxygen wakes this thing up big time. Some roasted root vegetables? And through all that, never once does one lose the fruit.