Sobon Zinfandel Old Vines 2014

Ah, Amador County, the epicenter of Zinfandel nation. The history of wine in this area is that of California itself, which adds a nice piquancy to any bottle.

Here’s a blend from three vineyards, which augurs well. Or not. Any time a winemaker makes a point of saying something, they’re doing so with a point. Is the intent to even out the quality? Is the average of some poor and some great fruit meant to be some kind of advantage? Along with so much of winemaking, the veil of obfuscation is well and truly in place.

It’s a business like any other, and they’re into making money and surviving like anyone else. Fortunately, there’s no reason this wine won’t sell. We can characterize it as a fruity, classic zinfandel with muted spice.

The nose begins with hot, dark juicy fruit, mellowing to sweet licorice. (Which is an enormously attractive profile, IMO.) On the palate are smooth, juicy black fruits – blackberry and plum with perhaps some raspberry – in a vanilla envelope. Oak makes a cameo.

The finish is of very mild tannins, medium acids and subtle oak; short and clean.

That’s it. Fresh and delicious.