Macchia Zinfandel Mischievous Lodi 2015

This might be called the monster truck of wine. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not applying any snark whatsoever, but, boy, is this thing enormous!

When you want to find yourself lost in a big velvet blanket, to be surrounded by the bounty of the vineyard, try a glass of this. From the dried, macerated fruit and vanilla nose, through juicy, smooth alcohol-infused ripe dark fruits, everything stops just short of going too far.

Critics like to use the word “jammy” for wines like this, but jam does not have the basis of bass-note acids of this wine. Jam is fruit and sugar; here’s something completely different and way more sophisticated. Sure, we can find ripe – verging on sweet – fruit, but that’s all balanced out with the strength of oak and the tartness of some smoky cherry notes.

I think I even found I kind of sweet potpourri element.

In short: Wow. A real event. All for…