Santa Ana Classic Chardonnay 2016

Speaking of classic chardonnay, we start at the textbook golden yellow color with green reflections. Check.

Then there’s the nose. Ah, such a wonderful fresh cut pineapple, tangerine, low-level citrus and other tart delights all working together.

Now the taste: measured acids carrying balanced dry wine fruit notes (those mentioned above) to a clean distinct finish.

In my opinion, the yardstick by which to measure a wine like this is the enormous gallonage of Australian chardonnay at the same pricepoint that sloshes all over the world. Most of that is oaked, and poorly oaked at that. They’re just unsubtle yobbos.

But here is the same grape at the same or lower price that actually tastes of intelligently made, thoughtfully cultivated quality wine. Good fruit made into as good a wine as the price allows.

What more could we ask for?