Spier Sauvignon Blanc 2016

Taste shifts with the crowd, which, in the case of sauvignon blanc, means the popular iteration leans towards the New Zealand version.

Nothing wrong with that. Popularity means the Kiwis are doing something right by hitting the sweet spot of public palate-pleasing acclaim. Sauvignon blanc is a deceptively tricky mass-market grape as it’s very dry and therefore working against human nature’s sweet tooth. Craving sweet could be our one unifying yearn, which might explain chardonnay’s pre-eminence in white-wine land.

Ahem. Notwithstanding, here’s an unassuming wine from a region not recognized for growing sauvignon blanc – or not to the standards generally set for these things. As a drink from the glass, I wonder why we don’t see more of it. All the classic qualities are there in a crisp, balanced, delicious package, making this a kind of gift card varietal specific wine that should please almost anyone.

Green-gold reflections, herb and gooseberry nose, citrus/pith and mineral palate plus a Cape of Good Hope sea breeze if you look for it.