Calcareous Twisted Paso Zinfandel 2014

The following is from the “sales tools” part of the Calcereous website:

The Zinfandel used for Twisted Paso came from two different picking dates. This allows for picking fruit based on different preferred characteristics. The early pick is based on the presence of lively acid, while the second pick supplies the weight and deep color one wants in a proper Zinfandel. Each pick was fermented in separate 3 ton open top stainless tanks with thrice daily punch downs. The big ripe year allowed for extended time on skins reaching 24 days before pressing off. After pressing, the two wines were blended together and aged for 9 months in American oak barrels, 25% of which was new.

Now there’s a window into the dark art of winemaking; the choice of fruit to fulfill a destiny.

Let’s contemplate this for a moment. I adore the word “weight” especially when we’re talking about zinfandel, because a benchmark zinfandel should feel weighty – like an aging businessman driving a Cadillac. Or being driven around in a Cadillac. It’s all beautifully tailored suits and cigar smoke; working lunches with seven courses and brandy. Fusty but solid.

Criticism of wine – or anything we consume for that matter – is easy. What’s productive is contrasting the competing pressures of intent, quality, relationship to the standard, and price. We’re essentially looking for some delicious union of our palate and that of the producer.

This is why in all matters the winners are those who appeal to the masses. Seth Godin is right that the mass market is dying, but more quickly in some areas than others. Wine is one of those others.

Anyway. Let the folks who made this thing have the last word. I didn’t get the pepper, but all else is accurate.

The beautiful dark ruby color gives evidence of a dense, yet lively wine. The nose is an intriguing blend of tart bing cherry and rich boysenberry pie aromas. The mouth feel continues this trend of opposites with wonderful acid balancing, full-bodied flavors of blackberry, licorice and pepper. The finish is rich, yet clean, offering a hint of American oak vanilla.