Saladini Pilastri Rosso Piceno 2015

Ah, yes. A nose of  dark dry fruits, mild earthiness,  and dark savoury licorice gave way to a mouthfeel of balanced dark fruit, dry, mild acids and balanced tannins. Short finish, no rough edges.

Doesn’t tell you much, does it? That could describe any number of red wines, from primitivo to weird Californian blends from Livermore. And yet there is an enormous difference between this sangiovese and montepulciano blend and anything new world. How much of that is the fact that I can see on the label that it’s from Italy is an interesting point of conjecture.

What I can describe is the secondary flavours of dried herbs, vanilla and dry potourri. Then there’s the distinctive dry tannins of the sangiovese – easy to say when I can already know, of course, but still, the profile is there.

My point is that the granularity of smell and taste is much finer than the words we have to describe them…at least the words in my vocabulary. Accuracy of description might always be wanting until we find new words to use.