Albrecht Riesling Tradition 2015

Nominally dry, this is so much more.

There’s a point after the first sip of this wine when you might think: ummm, okay.

Then, when she begins to warm up, her charms gradually come to light.

There’s the subtle nose which reminds me of an expensive perfume; forget the cheap junk from your drug store, think more of the exclusive French stuff.

In the beginning there’s a kind of unimposing quality to this wine. In my experience, all the impact of – especially – a white wine comes in the first sniff and taste. In this one, the start is kinda anonymous; thereafter matters improve.

That might just be the first glass syndrome. You know. Once we have some alcohol in our system, we’re inclined towards a more positive outlook. I submit this is something more. Maybe a warming of the wine. perhaps something magical about nuance revealing itself.

Outstanding. Choose your food to go with it.