Armani Pinot Grigio Corvara 2016

Easy to dismiss, pinot grigio has an audience that’s pretty darn big. Simplicity is this grape’s biggest hurdle to finding adulation, although the folks who live in and around Venice might disagree.

Here’s the problem: The constituents for wine vary from country to country, or, more accurately, culture to culture. Climate, economics, history, geography and even religion change the slice of our lives into which wine can insert itself. If there’s not the right place for a specific type of wine, it just won’t work.

In Venice, the climate, economy, culture, history, social acceptance and milieu make pinot grigio a part of life; in Minneapolis that might not be the case.

And yet there is a market for simple white wine in places from and at enormous cultural variance from the place of production. Wine is a social lubricant and our choices inevitably communicate something about ourselves, if only that we don’t know good wine from bad.

In this glass: nose of pears with mild floral notes on a nice alcohol base. In the mouth a just right balance of tart apples, pear juice, white flower that resolve both roundly and crisply. That’s one big sip of harmony to contemplate whilst you lounge beside your canal.