Gerd Anselmann Pfalz Kabinett Riesling 2014

Look at that shade of gold. How wonderful.

The viscosity says medium plus (at least).

Smell the richness of the aromas.

Oh my, what a glass. I’m not certain this is a classic Kabinett, but that hardly matters. My first thought is that this glass reminds me of something from the Clare Valley or the Eden Valley, both reisling resorts in South Australia. A punchiness in in evidence here, a quality reminiscent of antipodean rieslings.

That’s all a good thing. Take Pfalz fruit and add exuberance and this is the result. A wine that hints at being on the sweet side – almost candied fruit, almost juicy apricot – and yet remains clearly on the drier side with back of palate acids that keep all that fruit corralled.  Some guava finds its way into the glass too. It’s not complex, simply active.

Kabinett rieslings are supposed to be light and elegant. This is verging on medium weight and fiesty. Hooray for that.