Gnarled Vine Zinfandel 2015

In the same way that automobile manufacturers create models at incremental price points, so too do wine producers.

Here we have the entry level zinfandel from the Oak Ridge people. I note from Vivino that folks purchase this Honda Civic at Costco and Total Wine, so we’re clearly in the mass market.

Which is no comment at all on the quality of the glass. Here’s a straightforward Californian zinfandel that gives great mileage, is reliable, comfortable, inexpensive to operate and – with a little care – will start first time every time. It’s that kind of a wine.

No rough edges here. All of the in-demand features are present and correct, from the slightly brambly nose and palate feel, through some sweet licorice and cola to the satisfying mildly spicy finish. No loose threads or awkward clutch action with this wonder of mass production.