H to H Chateauneuf du Pape 2014

At the low end of the price range, here’s a slice of the Southern Rhone. Not really a slice, although there’s certainly enough going on in the glass to rival a delicious small snack.

There’s an interesting start to this wine, with its distinct glycerine meniscus; clear, sitting happily above the medium body dark cherry blend. This is an AOC wine, so it should be at least representative, and at most a beacon of wine quality.

It lives in the middle of those two extremes, which is impressive given the (more expensive) competition. There’s a warm dark fruit nose with a dusty barnyard-y nose, which improves with air. The more the better I’d say.

In the mouth I found a lot of flavour. There’s a kind of glamping feel about this wine – loads of quality, clear structure, layers of acid and bright fruit but with a dry herb (thyme) and smoky thread. With nothing overwhelming, it’s like gradually walking through a list of primary and secondary wine qualities. There are no rough edges,  and everything works through the tasting grid in order, and yet there’s the sense of still being in the vineyard.