Indaba Chardonnay 2015

I’m made quizzical by talk of “sweet” chardonnays. Perhaps this is the perennial problem of your sweet being different from my sweet, but in any case I only find such a notion in the context of – what shall I call it – a short-term mercantile association. Nonetheless, some strain of public bias thinks chardonnay is likely to be a sweet wine.


Whatever. This is another South African beauty, pretty clearly picked at peak ripeness, made into a wine that others might call sweet.


Part of the charm of these guys is the back story. On the label it says “Sustainably grown, superbly crafted”. And here is the website guff (which is accurate, BTW)

Bright tropical fruit aromas lead to a crisp, fresh palate with mouth-filling flavors of apple, pear, honey and pineapple. A gentle kiss of oak adds a creamy butterscotch nuance and wonderful depth. A superb value, this versatile white is a fantastic match for a wide range of dishes, from mac & cheese to spicy ethnic food.

Integrity and Sustainability Certified by the Wine and Spirit Board of South Africa. I have no what kind of credibility that provides but it hardly matters. If you cannot afford to try her, or think that chardonnay is sweet, more fool you.