Almodi Terra Alta White 2016

Banana. Yep. In this wonderful universe of ours with all of its gravity holes and dark matter and polyester, here’s a wine with aromas of banana.

And why would we need such a thing, you ask? Good question. The answer is that for its own sake. Who doesn’t want a Spanish white wine blend that smells of candy-shop banana? Who? Who are these people?

Me, for one, initially. The nose is round and perfumed, as noted, with enticing fruit and banana. On the palate she’s just fine; balanced acids and ripe-ish fruit, a mouthfeel that will complement less aggressive white protein.

Then there’s the finish. Similies that include turpentine would work here, but I’m not violently disposed toward this wine, so I’ll refrain. Let’s just say awful organic molecular and rotten.

But here we are, a day later and many oxygens later, and all that’s gone away. The mildly floral and Dole nose remains, acids and fruits ditto, and the finish is just so much better resolved. That astringent Jersey petrochemical strain resolved into attractive, lasting grapefruit pith and general citrus.