Baronia del Montsant Clos d’Englora AV14 2005

Men reputedly keep clothing long past the time it should have become a donation. That’s part of our charm.

The point about keeping stuff we like is that it fits and it feels comfortable. The tale is of one old pair of jeans that for no reason at all make us happier than seventy-five identical ones. No logic or reason applies; for whatever reason we have a connection.

Wine might induce the same behaviour. The back of the bottle says:

Red grenache 37%, carginan 21%, merlot 14%, cabernet sauvignon 12%, syrah 8%, cabernet franc 4%, monastrell 2%, temperanillo 2%.

There’s a jumble sale for you. My suspicion was immediately aroused by the specificity of the blend. In my experience, such accuracy can be used to hide something under the guise of false technical nonsense. In this case, it seems not.

What we have is a limited production beauty that immediately feels like a favorite tee shirt. Clearly in evidence is the fruit quality. No stemmy nastiness, there’s a quite reserve that needs not to force itself upon you. Despite the smorgasbord of grape types, the winemaker(s) integrated them seamlessly (overused wine word that actually means what it means here.)

Primary aromas dominate still after a decent maturation process, meaning the wine is lively and yet still calm in the glass. It feels as if the grapes have collaborated themselves to put their best food forward, without treading on the others’ toes. Grenache for fruit, definite cabernet for boldness, merlot for eversoslightly chalky finish, temperanillo for delicious dryness and the whole lot adding a little spice and lovely warmth.

Balanced oak evident on the other side of the acids.