Val Do Sosego Albarino Rias Baixas 2015

Ooh, my word, that’s a white wine nose for me.

Lemony, rich, full of stuff I cannot name, I love alborino’s guts. Unripe peach and some of that super, super mild geranium note that can work well of fail miserably. Here, terrifically.

In the mouth bursting bright acidy lemon peel and delicious salinity. Oh my word.

There’s more to this glass than the mere constituent nouns. For one thing, the way the nose layers itself into your cerebellum is beautiful, a work of bio-engineering par excellence. It builds from nothing into something like a swelling aria.

Then the mouthfeel gives the same crescendo from fruit to nuanced fruit and acids to delicious zesty citrus balanced with great minerality.

Think Galicia, the Norway of Spain. Think seafood. Think of nothing more.