Valminor Albarino 2015

Discovering ways to link our senses with our words keeps us from learning so much. Imagine the day when we can plug into each others’ minds and understand precisely what we – in the case of wine – are smelling, tasting and feeling.

That will be an awesome experience.

In the meantime, while they develop boring old driverless cars, we have to make do with English. In a way it’s okay, because it forces us to linguistically pixelate smells and aromas and tastes and sensations into the closest words. Even that act keeps us thinking.

Here’s an Albarino from Spain, although the grape grows in Portugal too, and this one hits all the classic notes defining the varietal.

Rich, inviting and still clear-cut nose. High acidity, lightish body, but still imposing enough because of…medium alcohol, and…lots going on.

Great mouthfeel, lime-y, citrus sitting on a wet granite chopping board, grape skin tartness, saltiness to complement acidity and still the element of ripe fruit.

This is why wine is such a delightful part of life. We humans search for patterns and reflections of life, and a wine like this is one big glass of enticing reminiscence and delight.