Amadieu Cotes du Rhone Roulepierre 2015

Bootleather. Spiced blackberry. Vanilla. Warm dry fruit potpourri.

The nose on this glass was crackerjack right from the off. Simple big elements of ripe dark fruits, alcohol and a wake-you-up alarm. HEY! HERE I AM!

Even without tasting she’s utterly lovable. This is wine. Dry. Musty. Big. Slightly challenging, but in the way of a close friend. She wants  you to like her, putting her best…shall we say assets forward.

A little spice, a little earth, a little dryness, a little lingering acid, some seductive bordering on soft (but not really) tannins, there’s a wonderful mystery here. What’s next? What will she show us. Yes, it’s a kind of burlesque show, at once comfortable and titillating.




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