Cantine Lanzavecchia Cren dell ‘Ape Piemonte Cortese 2016

Light colour, much bigger size. I’d even say this was full-bodied.

But what the heck is this thing? Bring on the search engine beast.

First, let’s imagine ourselves half-way between Turin and Genoa. I know, I’ve not been there either, but let’s do this together. Next, add what the internet calls a long cultivated grape of Piedmont and Gavi. The DOCG on the bottle says Piemonte: Good enough for me. High yield, resistance and bugs and other anti-vine forces: good enough for the grower.

Ever-so-slighty hot, but otherwise inviting floral and just-ripe apples and white peaches on the nose, with a noticeably creamy (fruit-creamy methinks, not barrel-derived) and wonderfully understated mineral mouthfeel. More opulent as she warms.

Simple wine, but clearly intelligently made, reflective of all that good stuff that goes into wine. Fruit, weather, soil and people. Add some seafood or creamy pasta, please.

Let’s go there. Now.