Porta Sauvignon Blanc Reserva 2016

Sauvignon blanc is pretty much the great-grandmother of grape varieties. In that wonderful way that wine has of obfuscating even the most important facts, who would know? Retail customers are besotted with Kiwi sauvignon blancs like they discovered the damn thing, which is both dispiriting and an opportunity.

It’s an opportunity because while the clamour for southern hemisphere sauvignon blancs is almost entirely focussed on New Zealand, you and I can look elsewhere. If you’re not impressed by the blow-your-sinuses-out overdone citrus of those wines, may I suggest a few thousand mile journey east across the Pacific to South Amurrica.

Ah, Chile and Argentina. Literally and in the glass, these countries are half-way houses between Old and (the most disant) New Worlds. And yes, that does by some measures make them the best of both – not to purists, and probably not to wine industry competitors, but for the average punter, for sure.

In summary: this Chilean sauvignon blanc shows excellent qualities of cool-climate versions of the wine. Enticing zesty citrus and herbal with a palate of mid-ripe passionfruit meat, tangy minerals and a citrus thread pretty much says it all. Oh, and a lasting, more-ish finish. Darn good acids.