Vecordia Ribera del Duero Joven 2016

Wine is chock full of granular knowledge. For instance, what the heck is Joven? And did you know that winemaking in Ribera del Duero proceeded forward from at least 2000 years ago?

Joven is, apparently, a reference to the age of the wine. Actually, I can’t find a definitive age range or quality classification. This is about as much as I can nail it down:

A term potentially applied to any DO or DOC wine; typically the wine spends little or no time in oak and is sold as a fresh and fruity wine.

Well alright then. Just for fun, alongside the Ribera Del Duero DOC certification is the “Cosecha 2016” attachment. Okay, so it’s the cheapest, least aged version of the 2016 vintage. I get it.

Not really, but, like I said, wine is cheeky with facts sometimes.

Fresh and fruity I don’t know about, but the beguiling nature of tinto fino clear; intense red fruit, medium body and notable tannins, together with a latent penchant for food. Daily wine, for sure, but so much more.


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