Atrevida Chardonnay Unoaked 2016

Chardonnay,  how I’ve missed  you. Unoaked chardonnay, like a girlfriend who morphed into a friendgirl,  it’s like we’ve taken up where we left off.

Yes, I’ve been dating some Spanish ladies. Okay, and there have been a few trysts with a couple of dark beauties from northern Italy. But you are so reliable, so welcoming whenever I return, that reuniting is all the sweeter for the travel.

White flower, golden delicious apple and something tropical but short of pineapple on the nose. Polished winemaking here, aided by compliant fruit, fresh and enough to wake you up; lean and still powerful. Ripe fruit, I’d say, given the edge towards the pineapple rather than the citrus end of things.

In the mouth there’s that creamy tartness that I notice especially in Argentinian chardonnays. It’s wonderful. Acid base and beautifully balanced, but still, astonishingly, creamy. Wither your oak barrels now?

In other words, why would we sully the taste of grapes like this with wood? Riddle me that.


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