Testarossa Pinot Noir Cuvee 107 2015

Contrasting Burgundian pinot noir with its cousin from California is akin to matching a billiards professional against a pool shark. The tools of the trade and the thought process is the same in both spheres is the same, but the way around the table is completely different.

That’s not a bad analogy. Making wine is making wine. Using a cue to punt an ivory ball is just that; calculate the angle, figure out where you want the shot to end, and execute. In the wine business, the goal is sales, pushed along by popularity and reputation, so winemaking cannot help but be influenced by those considerations.

This glass reflects much about where it’s made (Los Gatos) and the provenance of the fruit (Santa Lucia Highlands). Let’s think about this. The closest market is Silicon Valley. Who lives there? Right: Rich people used to achievement. Powerful people.

Which might explain the rich, powerful nature of this glass. Straight up, the nose is enticing, enveloping and altogether involving. There’s no doubt about the grape type, nor what the winemaking sought what to achieve. In the mouth, it’s a plain delight in the fruity, loud, indulgent way of Californian wine.

“Dark red color.  Dense aromas of orange zest, cherry, strawberry, nutmeg, vanilla bean, along with notes of boysenberry, anise and pomegranate catch your attention right away.  This pleasure-filled aroma profile only gets better and enjoyable on the palate.  With zesty acidity and full tannins, this Pinot Noir over-delivers, especially on the fresh, bright, and hedonistic finish.  Enjoy now through 2025.” ~Director of Winemaking, Bill Brosseau

Yep, pretty right, from the chief pool shark’s mouth. Put up your money and enjoy the game.


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