Tarmac Thuggery

A development on roads here in Florida speaks to a diminishing society, namely the advent of the driving bully.

Driving bullies are the beasts who pull up three inches from your rear end and stick there, threatening. Oftentimes this happens on a two-lane road with not another car in sight, leading one to wonder just why this person behind you can drive at a constant (close) distance behind, but finds themselves unable to pass.

Driving bullies prefer pickup trucks. They prefer them, but can be found in lesser numbers in so-called Sports Utility Vehicles, minivans and such awfulness as the Kia Soul. Pickup trucks are good for bullies because they look intimidating in my rear-view mirror. They’re large, blunt and foolish, much like their owners. And they’re cheap, because they’re low quality, which means any dolt can afford one.

Civility is the mark of a society that is improving. Incivility is the mark of a society falling towards the lowest denominator.